Hazard Benteke Family Reunion is an exclusive glimpse into Eden Hazard’s life and long friendship with Christian Benteke. One was touched by grace early on, the other is on a more bumpy journey. From Hazard’s hometown of Braine-le-Comte, in the Belgian countryside, where he grew up to London, passing through Lille, France, the film features family, relatives and long-time friends, who supported Eden and Christian, through thick and thin. 
Using family archives from Hazard’s childhood and footage from his best matches, Hazard Benteke Family Reunion offers a unique access and insight into the football icon’s life. Without any pretence, Hazard tells us about the importance of family, tolerance, his relationship to money, religion, football business... 
A celebration of cultural diversity and a moving documentary of a Mr. Everyman who became one of the greatest football icons in the world.
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